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Qctober 1st 2013

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Gove has gone but the fight isn’t over

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Action on workload

Over 30,000 teachers have now completed the Government’s Workload Challenge survey. The Workload Challenge is an opportunity for teachers to have their say on the causes of unnecessary workload and what government should do about it. Please complete the survey and send your comments to before 21 November 2014.

The Executive met yesterday and agreed an action programme to reduce excessive teacher workload. The Union is proud that its campaigning on workload has put the issue on the political agenda. Nicky Morgan and Nick Clegg have said that they will bring forward proposals early in the New Year to reduce workload. Real change and improvements to the working lives of teachers must follow. The action programme sets out a number of measures that could reduce workload quickly, in some cases with little or no cost. The action programme will be made available next week.

The things they say!

Dominic Cummings ex-Gove adviser and now free school proposer tweeted:

“1/ Re Acads/Ofsted etc. a) Legal situation is a mess. b) Ofsted is a mess partic viz governance. c) EFA a mess. d) The messes overlap”.