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Election Comment

Gil Scott-Heron’s “B Movie” puts it eloquently, written after after the election of Ronald Reagan to the US presidency in 1980.

“Well, the first thing I want to say is: Mandate my a**!


The Tories only managed 24% (37% of the 66% registered vote) in winning their “overall majority”.



     Ten reasons to say NO to       Baseline Assessment


School Terms and Holiday Dates


You may be aware that the LA has begun discussions regarding future school terms and holiday patterns.

You will recall the action we took in 2012 saved our schools from the disastrous 5 Term Year model and that the Nottingham Model was imposed because some of the other school based unions made position statements supporting the ‘best of the worst’ compromises offered by the LA.

This has resulted in attempts to accommodate the 195 days by returning after the summer this year on Friday 28th August or arranging twi-light sessions to compensate. All the school based unions challenged this and none have agreed to it.

The 2 models the LA have presented as preferred options are both based around reducing the summer break and keeping 2 weeks break in October.

Given that there are already issues regarding school holiday patterns in the city because of academisation and there is likely to be an extension of freedom for schools regarding the setting of their term/holiday dates we believe it is important that he LA has a credible model that the largest number of schools possible will support.

The timeframe is very limited so we would be very grateful if you could fill in a short survey before Monday 6th July and encourage other members to do the same.  Click Here


Click here for Nottingham City Local Authority preferred options